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Crater White (Kawah Putih)

Crater White Gate

Patuha mountain, located approximately 2300 meter above sea level, the southern city of Bandung, save a mystery in the past. Mount Patuha community considers the area that is haunted, they are considered the peak of Mount Patuha former meeting place of the ancestors gains. However, the mystery that has become hereditary extinct after it was started by a German scientist Netherlands hybrid, Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghun, who is also a Dutch planter who love nature preservation in the year 1837. Mountain valley Patuha conditions at that time still a dense forest, tree-lined type of local wood, such as Rasamala, Saninten, hurly, samida, and others.

Because it’s not and does not believe, Junghun penetrate the dense forest and finally found a crater lake that looks very exotic and very beautiful. Although discovered in 1837, but this area into a new object after the tour in 1987 was developed by PT Perhutani (Persero) Unit III West Java and Banten.

After entering the crater area of white, not fear that you will be natural, but you will be glued, and so stunned to see how their own and see the beautiful water of the white smoke that comes forth above. Water color in the crater lake and white is not always white, white is the color of craters found at the most visited, sometimes the water is green apple and bluish, when the blazing sun and fine weather, sometimes the color of milk chocolate.

Crater White

The less fun in this area is the smell of sulfur for some people because it can cause coughing smell, even not far from the tourist areas there is a cauldron of white-made cave 5 meters deep that he had first made as sulfur mine. When you go through the cave you will smell the sulfur smell sting. Because sulfur contents that it is very high, in the era before the factory was built with the name of sulfur Zwavel Ontgining White crater.

White craters caused the eruption of Mount Patuha centuries to occur around 10 s to 12 centuries. In addition there are also white crater crater, known as the crater now.

There are stalls that sell a variety of souvenir that can serve as by-by. In addition, many vendors who sell fruit typical Ciwidey of Strawberry.

Very be pitied if you travel to Ciwidey not descend to the crater White, you will miss the place that provides a very natural feel incredible. Especially on holidays, there you will see many people who visit the area this tour how to enjoy the beautiful paintings of the creator. The beauty of the will make you continue to remember some of the time.


How to Achieve Area Tourism crater White

Tourism White crater which is located approximately 46 km from the city could be using private vehicles and public vehicles. If you use a public vehicle you need not worry, there are transportation that will take you to the area tour crater White. Or you can also use the convoy with a motorcycle with your friends.


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